Our selection philosophy might be best summarized by our friends from down under...
                                                                                                                                         NO WORRIES!

...About open cows, sub-par growth, extreme mature size, poor marbling ability, poor udders... 

You won't find bulls like this at Radakovich Cattle Company. Our emphasis is on practicality and economic traits. Read on to find out why loyal customers in 30 states, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and South Africa return to RCC for their genetics

The Objectives:
Balance performance traits by moderating extremes to best utilize your farm and ranch resources. 
  • Reproduction - Regular calving, sensible birth weights, and active, fertile bulls that get cows bred.
  • Maternal Performance - Inherent ability to mother a calf and milk to wean a heavy one.
  • Growth - Maximize total pounds of beef production with no sacrifice for reproduction and cow maintenance costs.
  • Frame - Ideal size stock between frames 4.5 and 6.0 whose progeny fit today's finished weight market parameters.
  • Function - Easy keeping, good disposition, problem-free cattle with sound udders and feet, our trademark, heavy selection for resistance to parasites and disease including pinkeye, and fescue toxicity.

The Plan:
  • Sire Summary Data - Use only proven bulls backed by large progeny numbers.
  • Balanced Trait Sires - Use sires combining fertility, calving ease, optimum growth, and solid maternal traits selected through independent culling levels.
  • Cowherd Production Longevity - Eliminate problem udders, bad feet, slow breeders, and hard keepers.
  • Objective Selection - Measure the differences in important economic traits and selecting from the data.

Without question, the industry has successfully made cattle faster growing over the past 30 years. Finished weights have increased in excess of 200 pounds, birth weights are heavier, and the average beef cow has a significantly higher mature weight. Take a look at the data from the most recent MARC germplasm evaluation:

                                                          Breed                                   BW               ADG               Finished Wt. 
                                                          Hereford                               90                  3.46                       1363 
                                                          Angus                                  84                  3.40                       1375 
                                                          Simmental                            92                  3.47                       1390 
                                                          Gelbvieh                               89                  3.33                       1348 
                                                          Limousin                              89                  3.30                       1308 
                                                          Charolais                              94                  3.43                       1370 

The same breeds when evaluated in the original studies at MARC (1970 - 1976) had the following performance:

                                                          Breed                                   BW                Finished Wt. 
                                                          Hereford x Angus                79                        1046 
                                                          Simmental                            89                        1141 
                                                          Gelbvieh                               91                        1115 
                                                          Limousin                              92                        1035 
                                                          Charolais                              86                        1143 

Warning! RCC's evaluation of this data suggests perhaps that cattle are big enough for current resource availability, range and pasture health.

Relax: RCC's philosophy of preserving calving ease, fertility and moderate mature size while obtaining desirable growth and carcass traits is fully appreciated by our "who's who" list of industry-leading customers.