All descendents of Jambo (above), our Black Adaptors have done fantastically across the United States and Australia. Jambo was sired by Tahama Bando 155. Black Adaptors are RCCs composite answer if you want to keep them black and add heterosis.

Adaptability Means Providing Choices

Jambo is a Black Adaptor foundation sire.

Red Adaptor yearling bull finishing summer heat & fescue stress test.

RCC has developed the Red Adaptor line to breed and grow in stressful, hot conditions. Red Adaptors are heat tolerant and are raised primarily on fescue, making them perfectly adapted for conditions found throughout much of the southern midwest.

RCC has bred Angus to better define the purpose of Angus since 1978.

RCC has never joined the Bull of the Month Club, but instead has stacked proven sires upon proven sires. RCC has rigidly stuck to a design of breeding a proven complete package with each mating.