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The 2023 sale season begins April 1st.
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New EPD Base

Thanks to the American Simmental Association for having the foresight to approve and develop multi-breed evaluations for composite and purebred populations. Also, a big industry thanks to the American Simmental Association, American Red Angus Association and the American Gelbvieh Association for joining forces and developing a common EPD base. This new base being used by RCC enables you to compare EPDs on all bulls on sale sheet. RCC Angus, RCC Red Adaptor and RCC Black Adaptors are all comparable with the same EPD base. These EPDs are also comparable with all Simmental, Red Angus and Gelbvieh EPDs as of 2013. This evolution adds a lot of simplicity and continuity to our sale data and to the seed stock industry.

It appears, with the new EPD base, to recommend calving ease bulls with birth weight EPDs of +1.0 lbs. or less for use on first calf heifers.

To further add to your assurance of calving ease, RCC recommends using a calving ease direct (CED) EPD of +12 or more on first calf heifers.

Scrotal Circumference is an important indicator trait for improving reproductive potential. Bulls with larger scrotums produce more sperm and also reach puberty earlier. They pass this favorable, earlier puberty characteristic on to their daughters. Small scrotum bulls have been eliminated.

Dams Udder Score:
5 = Excellent     4 = Very Good     3 = Good     2= Fair     1 = Poor

If you want to improve udders in your next generation of females select bulls out of dams with high udder scores.

Calving Ease: 
*** = Definite Calving Ease     ** = Moderate Calving Ease     *= Recommended for cows only 

Radakovich Cattle Company again offers a unique set of yearling Angus and black and red Adaptor bulls for sale by private treaty. All of these bulls are backed by many years of profit-minded performance evaluation and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You can be confident that a Radakovich bull will improve your bottom line. Here's why:

  • If you enjoy the bad feet and summer melt down of non-aggressive over fed, fat pampered bulls, Don't Call Us! RCC sells genetic value, not corn. You do not buy a drill to own a drill but for the holes that it makes. - Jerry Linton. 

  • RCC is where reproduction, production, and carcass traits has been automatic for over 40 years, giving you the predictability you demand when choosing your genetics.

  • Our forage based, run tough, cowherd is aggressively culled for soundness, disposition, and productivity. You can rest assured that our bulls will be problem-free and will sire daughters with outstanding udders, feet, structure, and disposition. 

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