Words from Management

Thought for the Month, March 1983

By Steve Radakovich, BIF President


​We as cowmen do not sell beef in this industry. The packer and retailer sell beef. What we cowmen sell is grass. The grass from within the boundaries of our fences. Our financial success is not measured simply by average calf weight or not even by profit per cow. Our financial success is measured by the net profit from our operation. The seriously overlooked component has been inventory, (cow numbers). At a constant feed supply, or within the boundaries of our fences, any increase in size always reflects a decrease in numbers and vice versa. So much grass, so much beef.  There is no free lunch!

​Greetings Friends - 

I just had the shocking realization that I wrote this before many of you were born!  However, young and old alike, it is still true today, 35 years later, and unfortunately still ignored.

We at RCC look to seeing you April 6th for our opening day of sales and Ory’s great beef brisket lunch and maybe a little old time philosophy.

Steve R.